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This barley shochu in a beautiful glass bottle is made by master distiller Satsuma Shuzo. Made from 100% select barley, Kannoko, which means ‘river protected by the gods’ in the southern Japanese Kagoshima dialect, is named after a stream in South Kagoshima. Kannoko has a rich and mellow flavour with fragrant aroma. Its amber colour comes naturally from the 3 year oak barrel aging process it undergoes.

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Shochu is another indigenous Japanese alcoholic drink alongside sake and umeshu. Unlike sake it is distilled, not brewed, with the alcohol level usually between 25-45%. Its popularity is highest in southern Japan where the weather is considerably warmer. Sake calls for cool temperatures, but Shochu can be distilled in these warmer climes. Shochu is made from one of several raw materials including sweet potato, rice, buckwheat and barley; each of which gives a very distinct flavour and aroma much like the varying tastes of scotch whiskey.

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How To Use

Drink like whiskey.
• On the rocks.
• Mix with cold or hot water.

Item Detail


Alcohol: 25%

Ingredients and allergens

Barley, Barley Koji, Water


5 reviews
Haven't opened it as was bought for a reunion of colleagues who were in Japan (Yokohama) back in *** where shochu was a staple with many a meal
For drinking
Bought to make umeshu. Haven't tasted it yet
Lovely taste.
Wonderful gift