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  • 14206 tokyo precints  a curated guide to the city's best shops  eateries  bars and other hangouts

Tokyo Precincts: A Curated Guide to the City's Best Shops, Eateries, Bars, and Other Hangouts Hardback Book, 760 g

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There's nowhere else in the world like Tokyo. Cat cafes, doughnuts shaped like animals, choose-your-own chopstick shops, soup vending machines, gaming bars—and a city that never sleeps (there's just too much to do).

Follow us down the streets of towering neon and into the warren of lantern-lit alleyways, as we reveal Tokyo's unique precincts and the city's very best shopping, eating and drinking experiences.

Konnichiwa and welcome to Tokyo!

ISBN: 9781741174687

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Beautiful book with some great writing, we've already begun to plan visits to some of the places inside.