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Nanbubijin Tokubetsu Junmai Sake, 720 ml

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Sake is the traditional alcoholic drink of Japan, it is a strong rice wine and can be drunk hot or cold. It is made from polished sake rice which is then fermented. The more polished the rice, and the more rice used, the more refined and aromatic the Sake. It is a social drink that is poured into short cups and enjoyed with nibbles or Japanese dishes and like wine, different Sakes match different types of food. Sake comes in many qualities from ring- pull containers made for one, to expensive, decades old Sake distilled in traditional wooden barrels, containing gold leaf or made from secret recipes. This is a bottle of Tokubetsu Junmai Shu which is a standard quality Sake made with only rice, water and koji mold. The rice used must be polished to at least 70% of its original size and the result is a full and solid flavour, clean and well structured. ‘Tokubetsu’ means that the rice used is a premium quality special Sake rice. A dry Sake with 15~16% alcohol.

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Alcohol Content: 15.5%