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  • 14175 maiko tea japan maikosan gyokuro tea bags

Best Before Date: 30-08-2019

Maiko Tea Japan Maikosan Gyokuro Tea Bags, 60 g, 12 teabags Low in Stock (only 2 available)

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Rich and inviting premium green tea.

Experience Japanese green tea at its very finest with these individual bags of quality gyokuro, grown, dried and kneaded in none other than the gyokuro capital of Japan: Kyotanbe city, Kyoto. Widely regarded as the best of Japanese teas, gyokuro is grown under partial shade before picking, which gives it a brilliant green colour, rich aroma and mellow sweetness.

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Though similar to sencha, premium gyokuro green tea differs in the cultivation methods, most notably how the leaves must be kept in the shade when growing for at least 20 days before harvesting. This protection from the sun reduces astringency and makes for a more complex, smooth flavour and brilliance of colour.

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