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  • 14118 oshima tsubaki premium shampoo

Oshima Tsubaki Premium Shampoo, 300 g Low in Stock (only 5 available)



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Natural moisture retaining and protective effects of Camellia.

Give your hair the love and care it deserves with this premium bottle of Japanese tsubaki (Camellia flower) shampoo. Massaged into your scalp, this shampoo creates a fine, rich lather to gently wash your hair while being soft on skin. Formulated using pure camellia oil, with camellia ceramide for repair and flower and leaf extract for hydration, the essence of this Japanese flower keeps the scalp moisturised while bringing about silky, tangle-free and manageable hair. Its delicate fragrance is inspired by camellia blossoms.

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How To Use

After rinsing the hair well with warm water, place an appropriate amount in your hand and create a lather. Massage this into the scalp with you fingertips to clean the hair and then rinse. 

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Highly recommend.