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  • 14068 poke hawaiian inspired sushi bowls cookbook

Poke: Hawaiian-inspired Sushi Bowls Cookbook, 540 g


Hailing from Hawaii, poke - pronounced poh-kay- is best described as laid-back sushi bowls. Traditionally made from cubes of fresh, raw fish, Poke offers an exciting new take on this classic island cuisine. Anything goes when it comes to ingredients: select your fish, layer it on rice and pile it high with your topping of choice. Start with the classic Ahi (tuna) Poke and garnish with crunchy pickled baby corns, or for the ultimate umami kick, try the fiery Wasabi Salmon Poke, served on a bed of sticky black rice. For a vegetarian option, you can simply sub out the fish for avocado or swap rice with shredded spring greens for a low-carb twist. It's that easy!

Hardback with 143 pages.

ISBN: 9781784880866

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