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  • 14068 poke hawaiian inspired sushi bowls cookbook

Poké: Hawaiian-inspired Sushi Bowls Cookbook, 540 g


Discover sushi flavours through this colourful culinary craze.

With brilliant colours and flavours, Hawaii's on-trend poké (pronounced poh-okay) is a tantalising tropical treat that uses the freshest variety of bold yet light ingredients to make a great refreshing meal to relax with, so why not learn to transport everyone's taste buds to your own Pacific paradise with this charming and clever cookbook. Compiled by the owners of London's first poké restaurant, Guy Jackson and Celia Farrar, a love of the speciality dish with cubes of fresh, raw, sushi-style fish and crisp fruit and vegetables coated in a rich, zesty soy-based dressing, has them thoroughly explain the careful techniques that draw out the best flavour from each succulent ingredient, setting you up to explore their great variety of poké recipes. Accompanied by beautifully uplifting photos to match the incredible combination of foods, each recipe increases your understanding of the unique dish and allows you from the classic Ahi (tuna) poké to develop your own thrilling mix of toppings, whether you choose to create juicy layers of fresh fish with a complementary tang of pickles or a supple tofu/avocado base with sticky rice for a vegetarian alternative that still packs flavour. Including a great choice of partnering dessert and snack recipes to complete the ideal easy-going meal, you and your friends will have no problem feeling healthy and content with the cool creations in this cookbook.

Written by Guy Jackson and Celia Farrar.

Hardback with 143 pages.

ISBN: 9781784880866

ITEM ID: #14068


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