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  • 14064 japanese for all occasions language book with cd

Japanese for All Occasions: Mastering Speech Styles from Casual to Honorific Language Book with CD, 230 g


Japan for All Occasions explains how Japanese conversation is carried out in different social settings, with attention to the speech styles used. From casual to honorific, each style has its own level of politeness and rules of word formulation. With this book, intermediate-level students will learn how to speak in ways that are appropriate to a variety of situations, from informal chats with friends and colleagues to conversations involving professors, company presidents and others of high social standing. It comes complete with audio for all the example sentences and dialogues, making it an ideal resource not only for understanding grammar but also for honing one's listening skills.

  • Free audio CD
  • 57 dialogues, complete with audio
  • Clear usage notes
  • Furigana subscript for every kanji
  • Practice pages

ISBN: 9784770031518

ITEM ID: #14064

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