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Best Before Date: 27-02-2019

Material Matcha Uji MMU02 - Matcha Green Tea Powder, 30 g Low in Stock (only 2 available)

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Just craft matcha at its best.

Harvested and blended in Uji, Japan, Material Matcha Uji's exceptional matcha green teas are each a product of their uncompromising dedication to traditional techniques and highest quality ingredients. Their MMU02, a focus of extreme smoothness and balance, takes the Okumidori matcha variety's roundness and complements it with the depth and flamboyancy of Samidori. The result is a smooth, even fruity, well-balanced blend.

Packed in a sophisticated, minimalist case with a leaflet including brewing tips by Material Matcha Uji's very own tea master, the MMU02 makes a great gift for those just starting out in the world of matcha or the already confirmed devotees.

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Matcha is made by grinding high quality tea leaves, called tencha. This offers great health benefits as you actually consume the tea leaf, rather than just an infusion of the tea leaves. Rich in antioxidants research has shown matcha can boost metabolism and help reduce cholesterol levels so is great as part of a healthy diet.

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