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  • 14029 daisho kara age fried chicken coating mix

Daisho Kara Age Fried Chicken Coating Mix, 80 g

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For authentic, home-cooked Japanese cuisine.

Prepare the perfect succulent and crispy bite-size pieces of breaded chicken, Japanese-style. This handy pack of kara-age wheat flour, lightly seasoned with salt, sugar and spices, is exactly what you need to make your very own Japanese kara-age chicken with golden, ultra crispy and umami shells. Why not serve them hot with lemon wedges and fluffy white rice?

ITEM ID: #14029

How To Use

To make your own kara-age chicken:
• Cut 600g chicken thighs into large bite-size pieces and place in a bowl.
• In another bowl, add the entire packet of kara-age flour and pour in 80ml of water.
• Combine the chicken and the flour and mix well. Make sure the entire chicken is covered or else your kara-age will not cook evenly.
•Drop chicken pieces into a saucepan of oil at 160-170 degrees celcius, five or six pieces at a time. Allow to fry for 3 minutes, then remove and let drain.

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