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  • 14027 daisho gyudon beef donburi sauce

Daisho Gyudon Beef Donburi Sauce, 175 g

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A mature flavour to top your beef donburi.

When you're making a rice bowl such as gyudon beef donburi, only a deep and invitingly rich sauce will do to bring all the different parts of your meal together. Designed to complement beef, this donburi sauce has a notable sweetness from the rich mirin cooking sake, with a well-balanced mix of soy sauce, vinegar, kelp, bonito, ginger and a little white wine for a sophisticated sharpness. If you enjoy delicious and easy-to-make dinners, this sauce is a must-try.

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Donburi are easy one-bowl Japanese meals, consisting of a large bowl of rice with some sort of meat and/or vegetable topping. Common types of donburi include oyakodon (a mixture of pan-fried chicken and egg), butadon (grilled slices of pork with soy sauce), and tendon (tempura pieces). Come to Japan Centre for all your donburi-making essentials.

How To Use

Cook 100g thinly sliced beef and one fifth of a thinly sliced onion until cooked and brown. Combine 2 tbsp of gyudon sauce with 3 tbsp water. Pour on top and simmer until desired thickness is achieve. Place some cooked rice in a bowl and top with the cooked beef and sauce. 

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