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  • 13987 plastic round zaru cold soba tray

Plastic Round Zaru Soba Tray, 170 g Low in Stock (only 1 available)



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Perfect for cool down soba noodles.

When long, warm and sunny days arrive, recreate your own Japanese summer classic soba noodle meal and serve on this round zaru soba tray. Made from plastic for easy-cleaning, this tray has a bamboo-style design which strains your noodles after serving to maintain its firm texture.

Soba tray measures approx. 16cm in diameter, 4.8cm in height.

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Japanese cuisine is a feast for the eyes as well as the stomach. As such, serveware is often as vital a part of a Japanese meal as the food itself. Whether your Japanese cooking calls for one practical bowl or an assortment of serving plates, side dishes, rice bowls and cups, Japan Centre has the perfect serveware to make your meal complete. Take a look at our Dining section for our whole range.

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Good size, did the job.