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  • 13967 ceramic donabe cooking pot
  • 13967 ceramic donabe cooking pot 2
13967 ceramic donabe cooking pot 13967 ceramic donabe cooking pot 2

Ceramic Donabe Cooking Pot - Black and White, 1.54 Kg



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A beautiful earthenware pot, perfect for family meals.

Create a one pot meal as rich in flavour as it is exciting in presentation with this traditional donabe cooking pot. Made in Japan, this high-quality porcelain pot can hold meat, vegetables, soup stocks and seasoning for a one pot meal feeding 2 to 3 people. Doubling as a serving pot, your family or guests can admire the stylish craftsmanship of this authentic Japanese ceramic while they eat.

Donabe cooking pot measures approx. 23cm in diameter, 7.5cm in height without lid, 12cm in height with lid.

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While nabe hot pots are perhaps not as common in Japanese restaurants as sushi or ramen, they are a classic home-cooked meal that bring family and friends together around great, heartwarming food. At the centre of it all is a traditional donabe cooking pot, like this one here.

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Looking forward to using it during the winter