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  • 13963 ceramic perforated renge spoon   black and grey  mottled pattern

Ceramic Perforated Renge Spoon - Black and Grey, Mottled Pattern, 60 g

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A handy addition to your Japanese cutlery, this ceramic renge spoon is ideal for scooping up your favourite ramen noodles and toppings while controlling the amount of broth you pick up with the perforation at the back. The spoon stays upright on the wide, flat base, making it easy to put aside when you're not using.

Spoon measures approx. 16.5cm in length

ITEM ID: #13963


Spoons are an important item of cutlery in Japanese cuisine. Like in the UK, spoons in Japan range in size from delicate teaspoons and scoops for tea and pudding to large ladle-like renge spoons for ramen and other noodle soup dishes. For a great range of Japan-made and Japan-inspired spoons and other cutlery, take a look at japancentre.com’s Chopsticks & Cutlery section.

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