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  • 13963 glass sake server  small

Glass Sake Server - Small, 246 g Low in Stock (only 4 available)

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Practical and decorative Japanese sakeware.

This elegant and unique tokkuri sake beaker has a minimalist design which keeps your sake visible and inviting. While heat-resistant and microwave safe, this is perfect for chilled sake such as ginjo or daiginjo. The narrow top and wider bottom also helps concentrate the delicate aromas of your sake.

Tokkuri measures approx. 7cm in diameter, 11.5cm in height. Maximum heating temperature of 80ºC.

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While beer is the most commonly enjoyed alcohol in Japan, sake is by far the most well-known alcohol for being distinctly Japanese. Sake is traditionally served in a variety of different cups and bottles. Tokkuri and ochoko sets such as these are great for when you want to enjoy a warmed up sake. For a great range of different sake cups and bottles, have a browse through japancentre.com's Sake and More section.

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