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  • 13915 sudo honke satonohomare black label

Sudo Honke Satonohomare Junmai Daiginjo Nama Sake (Black Label), 720 ml

Delivery to England, Wales, and Parts of Scotland only
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Sublimely elegant premium daiginjo unpasteurised sake.

The black label edition of Sudo Honke's 'Satonohomare', (Pride of the Village) sake, this rice wine has been made with Kamenoo-Koshihikari rice milled to 40% of its original size. The high milling rate gives this sake a silky mouthfeel, clean flavour and delicate aroma reminiscent of ripened fruits, making it easy to enjoy the vibrant fresh flavour nama (unpasteurised) sake has to offer. Best enjoyed chilled. Great pairings with this sake include lamb ribeye, beef or pork meals.

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Tucked away within a lush garden of Zelkova trees, Sudo honke, 'the brewery in the grove', are a family-owned sake producer dedicated to their motto: 'sake, rice, soil, water, trees'. The best sake comes from high-quality rice, high-quality rice grows from well-nourished soil, well-nourished soil is fed with nutrient-rich water and nutrient-rich water depends on the care of surrounding trees. This, their generations of experience and their careful following of traditional brewing methods is the backstory behind every one of their premium junmai daiginjo and ginjo sake, esteemed across Japan and the world, including sommeliers and the International Wine Challenge in London, having received several rewards.

How To Use

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Nama (unpasteurised) sake are loved for their vibrant freshness. This means that they are best enjoyed within an hour after opening the bottle, when the sake is most robust in flavour. Don't worry though, because you can still enjoy your sake for up to 2 days after opening the bottle, when refrigerated.