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  • 13886 kurun runda periodontic care brush   mini

Kurun Runda Periodontic Care Brush - Mini, 5 g



5 / 5

11 review

All round teeth and gum care from Japan.

A smaller version of the 'Omotenashi Selection' 360° rolling Runda brush, this periodontal care brush has been designed for better control, especially in the hardest to reach areas. No toothpaste is needed as the ultra-fine bristles remove plaque on their own. Use after your regular brush for thorough cleaning and fresher breath. A compact edition perfect for when you're travelling.

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I bought this one along with its bigger brother purely for the novelty factor. It's actually very handy for those awkward spaces that a conventional brush can't quite tackle. It's so gentle that it doesn't feel like it's doing anything, but I was quite impressed with the results once I got the hang of it.