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  • 13847 nagatoya green tea and sesame daifuku
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13847 nagatoya green tea and sesame daifuku 13847 3 13847 2

Best Before Date: 20-05-2018

Nagatoya Green Tea and Sesame Cream Daifuku Mochi, 300 g

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Artisanal springtime treats from Japan.

From the Aizu region of Japan, beloved local confectioner Nagatoya has been crafting unique Japanese confectionery for locals and tourists for over 100 years, and now for you with this beautiful selection of 12 mochi rice cakes. A treat for the eyes as well as the taste-buds, these mochi combine the uniquely sweet flavour of Sayama green tea, navy bean and kanten agar-agar, encased within a chewy mochi rice dough and covered in roasted white and black sesame seeds. Wrapped in a traditional Japanese furoshiki cloth, they also make an unforgettably unique gift.

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In Japan there is a custom of gift-giving, where anybody who has gone on holiday brings back a local souvenir. Stylishly wrapped boxes of cakes or biscuits such as these are brought back to families or workplaces so the traveller's relatives and colleagues can enjoy a small piece of the holiday for themselves. Take a look in Japan Centre's Confectionery section for a great range of Japanese souvenir-style sweets.

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