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  • 13839 nagatoya sakura kintsuba
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13839 nagatoya sakura kintsuba Kintsuba

Best Before Date: 28-05-2018

Nagatoya Sakura Kintsuba Cakes, 200 g, 4 pieces

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A delightfully sweet Japanese springtime dessert.

Embrace spring and the flavours it brings with Nagatoya's sakura cherry blossom cake. These traditional desserts consist of a cake on the outside and a mixed sweet filling of sakura cherry blossom infused azuki bean paste (known as 'sakura-an' in Japanese). Enjoy as they are, or with a cup of tea.

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In Japan, there is a custom of gift-giving, where anybody who has gone on holiday brings back a local souvenir. Stylishly wrapped boxes of cakes or biscuits such as these are brought back to families or workplaces so the traveller's relatives and colleagues can enjoy a small piece of the holiday for themselves. Take a look at Japan Centre's Confectionery section for a great range of Japanese souvenir-style sweets.

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It is "taste spring, really. I shared this Japanese sweets with my colleagues.. It was happy taste.