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The Pinch Pot Workshop for Adults- 11 April 2018 6:00pm

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A pinch pot is a basic style of pottery produced by thinning the clay walls with your thumb and forefingers while pinching them together. This form of pottery has been made since antiquity up to present day. Pottery created using this technique can be both ornamental and functional. Participants will make functional sake cups (a set of two), a cup, or small pot/bowl; having a smooth finish or decorated with leaves and stamps of their choice.

Participants will be able to choose from different types of glaze colours:

Pale green
Gloss white

What is included: 300g stoneware clay, glaze, bisc and glaze firing cost, 1 hour lesson, tools.

Please bring your own apron, towel and anything you would like to use for texturing your ceramics such as shells and leaves etc.

Items can be collected from the main counter from 11 May 2018.

Date: Wednesday 11 April 2018

Time: Seminar: 6:00pm - 7:00pm

Place: Japan Centre Ceramics & Sushi, 19 Shaftesbury Ave. London W1D 7ED

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Profile for Noriko Nagaoka:  

 Noriko Nagaoka was born in Osaka and has lived in London for 15 years. When she was in Japan, she always wanted to make pottery, but it did not have the chance until three years ago in London, when she started taking evening ceramic courses.  Since then, she has been making ceramics part-time, slowly becoming more and more full-time. In May 2017, she joined the Turning Earth Studio and since the end of August 2017, she has become a full-time potter.

 Noriko Nagaoka loves nature and most of her items are inspired by it.  Trees, ocean scenery, mountains, waterfalls, and animals are all inspirations for her.  She loves food, so when she makes her ceramics, she always thinks about how she can make food look better in her plates or bowls.  Every day she explores finding better shapes, sizes, weights or better colours on the items that she makes.

 Another one of her inspirations is the Japanese Master Potter Mr. Shoji Hamada. His spontaneous designs and clean shapes are what she strives to achieve in her own work. 

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