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  • 13810 sanwa iichiko barley shochu

Sanwa Iichiko Barley Shochu, 700 ml

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One of the most popular shochu brands in Japan and the world, Iichiko's barley shochu is the perfect entry into the world of Japanese spirits. Enjoy the smooth, light and refreshing flavours of barley fermented by barley koji and natural fresh water, the only ingredients needed to make this product. With its clear taste and aroma, barley shochu works well alongside a wide range of dishes, making it particularly handy for dinner parties. Enjoy straight up, on the rocks or mixed with water.

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Shochu is another indigenous Japanese alcoholic drink alongside sake and umeshu. Unlike sake it is distilled, not brewed, with the alcohol level usually between 25-45%. Its popularity is highest in southern Japan where the weather is considerably warmer. Sake calls for cool temperatures, but Shochu can be distilled in these warmer climes. Shochu is made from one of several raw materials including sweet potato, rice, buckwheat and barley; each of which gives a very distinct flavour and aroma much like the varying tastes of scotch whiskey.

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Alcohol: 25%

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Bought for making umeshu withour home-grown plums
I would recommend this product