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Japan Centre Hojicha Green Tea Truffle Mochi, 65 g

Consume within 1 - 3 days

Delivery to England, Wales, and Parts of Scotland only
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A Japan Centre dessert exclusive.

Treat yourself to a unique Japanese-Western dessert fusion with Japan Centre's very own hojicha green tea mochi. Made daily by our dedicated dessert chefs, these mochi consist of chewy mochi rice cake on the outside and a white chocolate and hojicha green tea filling on the inside. Perfect for enjoying the roasty flavour of hojicha when you're on the move. 

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As Japan becomes more influenced by the West, more interesting fusions of Japanese and European cuisine appear, particularly with desserts. Mochi-based desserts are a quintessential example of a Japanese dessert concept (filled mochi cakes) modified with an assortment of European flavours and fillings. For a great collection of Japanese mochi-related items, check out Japan Centre's Mochi section.

How To Use

This item will be packed with cool gel in polystyrene boxes (poly boxes) and sent using a before noon Nominated Day Delivery. Please store in the fridge and do not freeze.

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