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  • 13729 takeda katafune daiginjo sake

Takeda Katafune Daiginjo Sake, 720 ml Low in Stock (only 1 left)

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A stunning bottle of the purest sake.

Experience the very peak of sake craftsmanship with Takeda's award winning Katafune daiginjo sake. A true emblem of the nutrient-rich, premium rice yielding Niigata prefecture, this sake has been made with only the best yamada nishiki rice. The all-important rice is known for its high solubility, perfect for the key step of steaming the rice, but not before milling each grain down to 45% of its original size. In a traditional tobin bottle with an elegant bow, this sake makes a fantastic gift.

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Sake is Japan’s most famous alcoholic drink, brewed using special sake rice. Sake has many different types and grades depending on the brewing process, ingredients used and percentage the rice is polished. Try sake warmed, at room temperature, or even serve chilled on ice or in a cocktail for a refreshing drink.

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• Alcohol: 17%