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Echigo Yukimuroya Snow Aged White Miso, 500 g

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A delicious batch of fresh white miso.

Made from Niigata speciality gohyakumangoku rice koji and Nagaoka soybeans, this miso paste has the perfect subtle sweetness to be used as a marinade or soup base. First given the time to ferment over the colder months, as spring comes around the miso is stored in Echigo Yukomuroya's innovative snow rooms, utilising the natural power of surrounding snow. This environmentally friendly, low temperature ageing develops the miso's mellow qualities further. 

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Miso paste is a staple Japanese cooking ingredient made by fermenting soy beans, and sometimes barley and/or rice, with koji (an edible fungus that grows on rice and is also known as 'rice malt' or 'rice mould'). White miso is made from soy beans and a high percentage of rice which are fermented to create a light, slightly sweet taste. If you are looking to explore the wide world of miso, Japan Centre's Miso section is a good place to start.

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