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  • 13716 echigo yukomuroya rice

Best Before Date: 17-04-2018

Echigo Yukomuroya Snow Aged Microwaveable Koshihikari Rice - Niigata, 180 g Low in Stock (only 4 left)

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Kept fresh by snow from the Snow country.

This special pack of high-quality koshihikari rice may be the definitive way to enjoy one of the most popular japonica rice varieties. Not only was this rice cultivated in Niigata, the rice capital of Japan, but it has then been stored in one of Echigo Yukomuroya's innovative snow rooms, a natural and modern facility for a timeless ageing technique. Covered in snow, this natural refrigerator keeps a constant temperature year-round and a humidity of 90% or more, allowing the stored rice to develop its rich, sweet flavour to the purest degree. Ready to eat in just 2 minutes.

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Rice is the dietary staple of Japan. Like how many people in Western countries cannot imagine going without bread for very long, the vast majority of Japanese people will eat at least some rice every day. Japanese, or Japonica, rice is grown all over Japan and in other countries, and the accepted wisdom is that the rice will taste different depending on where it is grown. For an incredible range of Japanese rice, take a look at Japan Centre's Rice section.

How To Use

• To microwave, peel back the film cover to the dotted black line. Microwave for 2 minutes (600W).
• To cook in a pan, keep the film cover on and gently place the pack into boiling water. Cook for 15 minutes.
• Stir through to loosen and serve.


Per 100g:
• Energy: 610kJ/149kcal
• Fat: 0.4g
(of which Saturates: 0.4g)
• Carbohydrate: 34.1g
(of which Sugars: 0.5g)
• Protein: 2.3g
• Salt: 0.005g