Spice Kitchen UK Shichimi Togarashi Red Chilli Pepper Mix, 30 g

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A Japan Centre exclusive.

Bringing together the expertise of Shashi Aggarwal, the oracle of spice at family-run Spice Kitchen UK, with the unique insight and feedback of our very own CEO Tak Tokumine, Shoryu Ramen Executive Chef Kanji Furukawa and Head Chef Andy Cimatu, this invigorating mix of herbs and spices has been specially made for Japan Centre customers looking for something unique to spice up their Japanese meals. Hand-ground and hand-blended, tried and tested by our wider Japanese team and brought to you with love, this shichimi togarashi of sesame seeds, chilli powder, orange peel, ginger, Sichuan pepper, kelp powder and seaweed has the experts' stamp of approval to use in and perfect Japanese meals like ramen and udon, as a rub on meat and fish or as an instant boost of flavour to heartwarming soups and curries.

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Shichimi togarashi has been utilised in Japanese cuisine for several hundred years. This complex combination of spices and seasonings is often used to add additional flavour to soups, noodles and donburi dishes, and savoury snacks. Check out Japan Centre's Spices & Seasonings section for a great range of Japanese spices.

How To Use

You can add shichimi to any dish to make it spicy.
• Noodle dishes such as udon or soba.
• Sprinkled on tempura.
• On your donburi rice bowl.

Ingredients and allergens

Chilli Powder, Black Sesame Seeds, White Sesame Seeds, Orange Peel, Ginger, Sichuan Pepper, Kelp Powder and Seaweed.


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Nice. But if it come with a herb's plastic or glass bottle will be much better then a little *** like that
I have not as yet used this product.
bit expensive, but nice