Miyukiya Fujimoto Pre-Cooked Konnyaku and Soy Milk Gluten Free Udon Noodles, 180 g

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Enjoy the thick and chewy, gluten-free udon goodness that is this pack of speciality noodles. Made from the Japanese konnyaku potato, known for its high fibre and low fat content, these noodles are a healthy alternative to both udon noodles and fettuccine, with its own light, creamy aromatic taste from the soy milk mixed into the pasta dough. Packed with water to retain freshness and texture, a quick rinse and an adding of your favourite seasoning is it all takes to enjoy this low-calorie superfood. 

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Konnyaku contains very few calories and no fat at all, yet is rich in minerals and fibre making it a great health food and diet aid. Konnyaku is enjoyed for its jelly like texture and subtle taste, and is typically found in oden soup dishes and on the table at New Year’s Day celebrations.


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Ingredients and allergens

__TAG__1_ Milk (Soybean), Powdered Konjac (Japan), Trehalose, Calcium Hydroxide.


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Lovely product and gluten free!
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