Ceramic Matcha Bowl - White And Brown, Speckled Pattern, 443 g Low in Stock (only 5 available)


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Whisk up the perfect frothy matcha green tea with this authentic, quality ceramic bowl. Finished with broad and abstracts shades of earthy browns, greens and whites, every side revealing something new, making your matcha in this bowl will give you the satisfaction of knowing your tea is just like those enjoyed in traditional Japanese tea ceremonies. The size and shape of this bowl give plenty of space to make whisking easy.

Bowl measures approx. 12cm in diameter, 7.5cm in height.

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As one of the world's great tea-loving nations, Japan has as much need for nice teaware as we do here in the UK. From rustic matcha green tea bowls to large teapots with bamboo handles to little handleless teacups, Japanese teaware is unique in design and feel. Take a look at Japan Centre's Teaware section for a great selection.


2 reviews
.Beautifully made and I love the colours. The only 'disappointment' was the size of the bowl as I expected it to be a bit *** as I usually have company to enjoy matcha. However I like it so I am keeping it and will be using it quite a lot.
Really tactile