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Mini Cat Coin Purse - Dark Blue, Blasé Cats Pattern, 29 g



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Hold all your coins in a lovingly crafted, adorable little purse from Kyoto, Japan. This cotton and polyester purse with a kiss lock clasp will keep your coins and other treasured knick-knacks safe and snug within its silken interior. Decorated with a group of blasé cats who may dissent to being called cute, but who still make this handy accessory a great gift for lovers of cuteness.

Purse measures approx. 9cm in width, 7.5cm in height, 4.5cm in depth.

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This purse comes from Kyoto, the city of Japan most well-known for how thoroughly it embraces traditional Japanese culture. As well as religious and spiritual culture in the shape of temples and shrines, Kyoto also is a haven for fans of arts and crafts, with crafty gift items available in every souvenir store. For more elegant Japanese gift ideas, have a look in Japan Centre's Japan Fan section.

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Perfect !!!