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  • 13543 fan pink  roses  cat  unfurled
  • 13543 fan pink  roses  cat  furled
13543 fan pink  roses  cat  unfurled 13543 fan pink  roses  cat  furled

Traditional Wooden Fan - Pink, Roses and Cat Print, 23 g Low in Stock (only 3 available)

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Unfurl your cool elegance with a traditional Japanese waving fan.

Made in Kyoto, this stylish folding wooden fan will keep you cool in the warmer months and fashionable all-year round. Decorated with a beautiful cat and roses print and a pretty pink charm, this fan will make a fantastic, unique Japanese accessory and a great gift for any Japan enthusiast or lover of cats.

Fan measures approx. 21.5cm in length, 25cm in width (when unfurled).

ITEM ID: #13543


A loved and iconic part of Japanese culture, the folding hand fan has a long history in which the line between fashion accessories and art has become blurred. Stylish and practical, quality fans like this one here make exciting and unique gifts sure to surprise and delight.

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