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Sapporo Imported Premium Lager Beer, 650 ml

Delivery to UK only. Require ID check before dispatch through partner AgeChecked.

5 / 5

1313 reviews

Sapporo Premium Lager is Japan’s oldest beer and has been brewed since 1876. Sapporo is a classic Japanese beer, easy to drink, with no aftertaste and a clean, crisp taste. This imported version is slightly stronger at 5% and comes in a huge 650ml can in the shape of a beer glass! Brewed Under Licence in Canada.

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Japan has a long history of brewing beer which started in the 17th century by Dutch traders brewing beer for the sailors. Since the late 1980’s there has been a huge increase in dry beer which has a very refreshing flavour. Beer is the most popular alcoholic drink in Japan and a perfect match with Japanese snacks!

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Alcohol Content: 5.0%


13 reviews
An ideal choice for any beer lover seeking a fine Lager with a refreshing flavour and moderately light body. Its crisp body and lingering hops lend themselves to a pairing with Japanese cuisine and any slightly spicy dish.
fantastic beer - would have been better if delivered on time
A classic Japanese beer. Well up to standard.\n\n
Great beer. Not tasted for years. Really impressed
Lovely *** beer.
This was part of a gift for my partner who really likes this beer. Very excited for him to receive it on Christmas Day as it’s quite difficult to get delivered to where we live as we’re on an island. Very happy Japan Centre could do so and delivered it a day earlier than was expected so even more delighted with the service.
A good larger with clean crisp taste and a real treat.
Best beer in the world!
Great quality
Definitely recommend
Unable to rate. It was a gift. Actually bought the wrong lager was supposed to be the silver Sapporo in same shape. Unable to buy locally.
Expensive but worth it!