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  • 13478 hikari enjuku additive free liquid koji miso

Hikari Enjuku Additive Free Liquid Koji Miso, 350 g

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Enjoy the rich, natural flavour of Hikari Enjuku koji miso, now bottled and in liquid form for added convenience.

Holding to the standards of the Enjuku Koji series, no additives or preservatives are used to make the koji miso, just the umami-rich combination of organic soybeans and rice. For this special bottled edition, the koji miso is then blended with a dashi broth of kombu seaweed, bonito flakes and dried sardines. One tablespoon of this miso paste mixed with 150ml of hot water is all you need to enjoy an authentic miso soup. After that, the bottle can easily be stored in the fridge for next time.

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Miso is one of the most important foods in Japanese cooking, with hot bowls of miso soup often appearing on the dinner table right next to the essential bowl of rice. Miso has a naturally savoury flavour that compliments the umami flavour of dashi and other soup stocks well. Try using miso paste in your soups and sauces, and see what this humble food can add to your cooking.

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Per 100g:
• Energy: 602kJ/147kcal
• Fat: 2.9g
• Carbohydrate: 23.5g
• Protein: 6.5g
• Salt: 9.41g