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  • 13348 kanten cook agar powder

Kanten Cook Agar Powder, 16 g, 4 packs

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Whip up your own delicious, gelatin-free desserts with Kanten Cook Agar Powder, an alternative gelling and thickening agent to gelatin. No calories and high in fibre, Agar powder not only makes satisfyingly delicious desserts, but is also a great dietary aid. Perfect for both traditional Japanese desserts and Western desserts alike.

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Agar is used in traditional desserts like yokan in a similar way to gelatine in western cuisine. Agar is just one of the range of traditional ingredients used in wagashi sweets that are available to buy online at Japan Centre.

How To Use

  • • In a saucepan, add the contents of one Kanten pack and 500ml of water.
  • • Simmer for two minutes or until the kanten dissolves.
  • • If the water starts to bubble, lower the heat.
  • • If desired, add flavour to the mixture with fruit juices, milk, or sugar.
  • • Pour the mixture into a mould and leave to cool, before placing in the fridge for 2-3 hours to cool and harden.

Item Detail


Per Pack (4g):
• Energy: 0kJ/0kcal
• Fat: 0g • Carbohydrate: 3.1g
(of which Sugars: 0g)
• Protein: 0g
• Salt: 0.005g~0.05g

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2 reviews
Good quality product.\nHowever, the information on how to use Kanten is only online,\nIt would be useful if a short list of instructions in English on how to prepare Kanten was included on the package.
easy to use