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  • 13346 saniku vegetable rice mix

Saniku Vegetable Rice Mix, 140 g Low in Stock (only 5 available)

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Liven up your rice and make your very own Japanese takikome gohan with this pack of mixed vegetables. Add the flavour and texture of carrots, shiitake mushrooms, burdock gobo, shimeji mushrooms and fried bean curd, all without the fuss of preparing the vegetables yourself.

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There are many different kinds of rice-based dishes in Japanese cooking. Rice cooked with other ingredients is known as takikomi gohan and it’s a great way to make healthy and filling one-pot meals. Because the rice is cooked with the other ingredients, it becomes infused with their delicious flavour, making each bite full of flavour.

How To Use

Enjoy an authentic takikome gohan dinner with only one pan!
• Add 2 cups of washed and drained rice to your cooker. Add water up to the fill line as indicated inside your cooker for 2 servings of rice.
• Add the vegetables and cook as normal.
• Once cooked mix well and enjoy!

Item Detail


Per Serving (140g):
• Energy: 508kJ/124kcal
• Fat: 2.9g • Carbohydrate: 20.4g
• Protein: 4.1g
• Salt: 5.6g