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Best Before Date: 12-03-2019

Maedaen Shiki Matcha Green Tea Powder, 28 g

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Quality matcha from Japan.

For a good quality matcha that can be used in any and all occasions, Maedaen's 'Shiki' matcha is always a great call. With a name literally meaning 'four seasons', this matcha green tea powder is the dried, stone-ground form of premium tea leaves that have been grown in the shade for maximum sweetness and minimum bitterness. Matcha making is a delicate and refined process, but the end result is well worth it.

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Matcha is one of the most well-known of the Japanese green teas in the Western world. It is made by taking high quality green tea leaves and grinding them into a fine powder, which can then be whisked into hot water. Because the actual tea leaves are being consumed (instead of the infusions that are consumed with other tea varieties), a cup of matcha contains a higher concentration of nutrients. For a great range of high quality matcha and matcha drinks, take a look at Japan Centre's Matcha section.


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3 reviews
excellent price and quality
Green tea powder: absolutely necessary to make the best Japanese sweets.
"Very good product , recommended"