Ramen: Japanese Noodles & Small Dishes by Tove Nilsson, 727 g

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Celebrated for its punchy flavour and nutritional benefits, ramen has never been so popular. In this book, you will find satisfying recipes for making the main component of ramen, a steaming bowl of homemade bowl.

With meat, fish and vegetarian options, readers of all culinary needs can make their own. As well as rich and robust broth recipes, with clear step-by-step instructions, Tove Nilsson guides you through the process for making perfect springy noodles for ramen and other dishes. You will also find recipes for gyoza, pickles, and okonomiyaki.

Hardback with 152 pages.

ISBN: 9781911216445

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Japanese cuisine might seem like a foreign and daunting world, but in actuality it is often quite simple, using only a handful of key ingredients (soy sauce, mirin, miso, dashi) and preparing them with other fresh produce in such a way as to deliver maximum flavour. Whether you are a beginner Japanese cook or a seasoned connoisseur of Japanese cuisine, you will find detailed books to suit your interests in Japan Centre's Japanese Cuisine Books section.

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Nice book looking forward to trying the recipes