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  • 13248 ceramic sake server   mint green  mottled pattern

Ceramic Sake Server - Mint Green, Mottled Pattern, 239 g


Enjoy sake the authentic, Japanese way with this strong and durable ceramic sake server (tokkuri). With a mottled mint green surface adorned with a bolder green at the top, this tokkuri will bring the soothing qualities of nature into your home. The tokkuri is designed to fit comfortably in one hand, allowing you to serve warm sake from cup to cup (ochoko) with ease. The tokkuri can also be used as a household decoration or flower vase. 

Tokkuri measures approx. 7.5cm in diameter, 13.0cm in height.

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While beer is the most commonly enjoyed alcohol in Japan, sake is by far the most well-known alcohol for being distinctly Japanese. Sake is traditionally served in a variety of different cups and bottles. Tokkuri sake servers such as these are great for when you want to enjoy a warmed up sake. For a great range of different sake cups and bottles, have a browse through japancentre.com's Sake and More section.

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