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  • 13239 ceramic rice bowl   mottled light brown with green rim

Ceramic Rice Bowl - Mottled Light Brown With Green Rim, 267 g Low in Stock (only 1 available)

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Essential Japanese tableware.

Made in Japan, this traditional ceramic rice bowl has character. With a mottled light brown surface adorned with a green rim, every side to this bowl is unique. The perfect size for a portion of rice or a side of nutritious miso soup. 

Bowl measures approx. 12.5cm in diameter, 8.0cm in height. 

ITEM ID: #13239


Presentation is one of the most important components in Japanese cooking, and it is customary for traditional Japanese meals to be served with a separate small bowl of fluffy right rice. As such, the humble rice bowl is one of the most essential of Japanese serveware items. For these and other important serveware, take a look at’s Dining section.

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