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  • 13237 ceramic rice bowl   white  brown stripe pattern

Ceramic Rice Bowl - White, Brown Stripe Pattern, 200 g Low in Stock (only 3 available)

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Essential Japanese tableware.

Recreate full Japanese dinner spreads at home with authentic Japanese tableware, such as this ceramic rice bowl. Made in Japan, the mottled and uneven surface is finished white and lined with stripes the colour of sand, evoking the tranquility of an Okinawa beach. Perfect for serving a portion of rice or a side of nutritious miso soups.

Bowl measures approx. 11.0cm in diameter, 7.0cm in height. 

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Rice bowls, or chawan, are small bowls for holding rice when eaten as a side dish with teishoku sets and other main meals. These rice bowls are usually quite small, come in a variety of styles and patterns and add instant authenticity to any Japanese dining experience.

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