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Japan Centre Sliced Wagyu Beef For Sukiyaki, 200 g

Consume within the day of receipt

Delivery to England, Wales, and Parts of Scotland only. Collection only available from Park Royal


4.5 / 5

33 reviews

Quality beef that's perfect for sukiyaki.

Enhance the flavours of your meals using the finest cut of prime-grade wagyu beef. Often referred to as the "foie gras of beef", this highly sought after super-beef is recognised for its superior marbling that's delightfully buttery, decadently rich and distinct in flavour. Add this quality cut to sukiyaki where meat slices, fresh vegetables slices and other ingredients are slowly cooked in a rich broth of soy sauce, mirin rice wine and sugar. Other popular sukiyaki ingredients include tofu, shiitake mushrooms, Chinese cabbage and shirataki noodles. After your meat is cooked through, don't forget to dip it in raw egg for extra richness.

Try cooking sukiyaki at home with a table top grill and a large pot. Check out our sukiyaki recipe.

Number of slices may vary. Vacuum Packed for Freshness.

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A lot of dishes in Japanese cuisine require very thinly sliced meat. Although the UK is no stranger to sliced meat (normally in the form of lunch meats like ham and turkey), raw beef and pork is normally sold as roast joints, steaks, or as thickly diced pieces, so finding the right cut of meat for making sukiyaki, shabu shabu, or yakiniku can be difficult. Luckily, Japan Centre has a fine range of fresh and thinly sliced meat such as beef and pork products available for just this reason.

How To Use

This item will be packed with cool gel and sent using a Nominated Day Delivery. Please consume by the midnight of the Use By Date. Please store in the fridge and do not freeze.

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3 reviews
good but too expensive for what it is
Excellent Quality ***
OMG! It does melt in your mouth.