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  • 13126 ceramic rectangular serving plate blue crackle glaze

Ceramic Rectangular Serving Plate - Blue Crackle Glaze, 443 g Low in Stock (only 2 left)



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Serveware that's a feast for the eyes.

Make your Japanese meals all the more spectacular with striking tableware, like this long, rectangular serving plate. Made in Japan, this ceramic plate is finished in an elegant crackle glaze. As its shape suggests, this plate is ideal for serving long thin dishes such as sectioned sushi rolls and whole grilled fish. It even comes with a partition for sauces and dips. 

Plate measures approx. 20.9cm in length, 13.2cm in width, 2.8cm in height. Made in Japan.

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Food presentation in Japanese cuisine is just as essential to the succcess of a dish as its taste and flavour. As such, serveware is often as vital a part of a Japanese meal as the food itself. Whether your Japanese cooking calls for one practical bowl or an assortment of serving plates, side dishes, rice bowls and cups, japancentre.com has the perfect serveware to make your meal complete. Take a look at our Dining section for our whole range.

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Very pleased with product.