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  • 13057 shochikubai shirakabegura mio sparkling sake

Shochikubai Shirakabegura Mio Sparkling Sake- Small, 150 ml

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A sake that is as pleasant on the tastebuds as it is easy on the eyes. The sake in this one-of-a-kind elegant blue bottle has been crafted in the traditional brewing style, using nothing but Japanese rice, rice koji for fermentation, fresh water and a little carbonation. It has a uniquely sweet aroma and refreshingly fruity flavour that works well with the carbonation. Enjoy chilled during any special or not-so-special occasion.

Type: Sparkling Sake
Sake Metre Value: -70 (low alcohol content)
Flavour: Soft and smooth
Fragrance: Fruity
Drinking Temperature: Best enjoyed chilled
Food Pairing: A soft, smooth sparkling sake such as this is best enjoyed on its own. Also good with sweets.

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Softer and sweeter than sparkling wines, sparkling sake is a fantastic alternative. In Japan the winners at F1 races even spray each other with sparkling sake instead of champagne on the winner’s podium! Like still sake, sparkling sake comes in all kinds of grades and varieties, so whatever your mood, occasion or meal there’s a sparkling sake for you!

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• Alcohol Content: 5%