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Rolled Omelette Frying Pan For Bento, 555 g

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Easy rolled omelette frying pan for bento.

You can now create two rolled omelettes at the same time with this non-stick rolled omelette frying pan. This frying pan is divided into two sections for the omelettes to be fried in. The pan comes with a spatula, making it easy to roll up your omelette for your bento. No need to cut the omelette or get your hands dirty. Perfect for beginners in cooking Japanese cuisine, or for a busy working day. Suitable for use on electronic and gas stoves.

Frying pan measures approx. 10cm in length (25cm including the handle), 23cm in width x 6cm in height (grilled surface: 18cm in length, 4cm in height). Spatula measures approx. 12cm in length, 7cm in width, 2cm in depth.

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