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  • 12962 childrens day pink carp snack set
  • 12962 childrens day pink carp snack set 2
12962 childrens day pink carp snack set 12962 childrens day pink carp snack set 2

Best Before Date: 31-05-2017

Children's Day Pink Carp Snack Set, 152 g, 6 items Low in Stock (only 1 left)

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For an authentic Children's Day celebration.

Celebrate Children's Day on 5th May with an exciting goody bag of Japanese sweet snacks. Lovingly encased in an exclusive pink koinobori (carp streamer) shaped gift bag, this limited edition set contains sweet biscuits, Pocky, fruity flavoured candy and more. What better way could there be to show your kids just how special they are?

This set includes 6 items:

1x Meiji Fruits Gummy Candy (22g)
1x Glico Pocky - Mango (25g)
1x Morinaga Hi Chew Banana Chewy Candy (50g)
1x Glico Bisuko Strawberry Sandwich Biscuits (20g)
1x Glico Giant Caplico Strawberry Chocolate Wafer Cone (35g)
1x Pink Carp Gift Bag

Brands are subject to change depending on availability.

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Japan has always been a sweets-loving nation, and the introduction of Western-style desserts several hundred years ago has only fueled their obsession. Japanese confectionery manufacturers are always experimenting with fillings and flavour combinations, while also sticking to tried and tested classics. Take a look in Japan Centre's Confectionery section for more tempting Japanese sweet treats.

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