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  • 12960 childrens day koinobori carp streamer

Children's Day Koinobori Carp Streamer, 11 g



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For celebrating Children's Day.

No Japanese Children's Day is complete without a koinobori carp streamer display like this. This display features a set of two carp streamers and a spinning windmill. The streamers come readily attached on string, so all you need to do is hoist them onto the included flag pole and wait for the next strong wind. Flag measures approx. 16cm in length. Flag pole measures approx. 30cm in length. 

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Koinobori carp streamers are a traditional decoration in Japan, put up from the end of April until the beginning of May to celebrate Children’s Day (5th May). Traditional koinobori displays have a sequential order, with the rainbow streamer at the top representing the family, a larger black carp next down representing the father, then a slightly smaller red carp representing the mother, and then subsequent flags of other colours representing the children in order from oldest to youngest.

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Quality is as good as expected. I would recommend it as a window or table decoration as it is a very versatile size. Like it very much.