Matcha The Cookbook, 835 g

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Matcha creations to help go green.

There's no shortage wonderful health benefits when it comes to the fragrant and richly-flavoured enjoyment of matcha green tea, so why not embrace it's vibrant trend and enhance your green lifestyle with the aid of this matcha cookbook. Packed with antioxidants and phytochemicals that are ground out completely from each tea leaf, matcha is a wonderfully nutritional powder that is spellbindingly infused into over 50 popular western recipes and more by matcha magician, Gretha Schultz. Introducing you to the history and background of the bold and life-changing Japanese ingredient, this cookbook lets you quickly delve into learning and experimenting with matcha, teaching you how it is properly prepared and used in both traditional and modern drinks and snacks, before letting you discover its true potential with healthy recipe alternatives to pasta, desserts and even pizza! With beautiful colour photos and an unraveling palate of tips on the different strengths and qualities of matcha and how they're best experienced from authentic tea ceremony to a cheeky gin & tonic, this book covers several much-loved and unique ways to discover the enriching traits of matcha, including recipes on even facial masks and bath essences for complete matcha appreciation.

Written by Greta Schultz.


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