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  • 12899 tohato harvest double chocolate biscuits

Tohato Harvest Double Chocolate Biscuits, 42 g, 8 pieces

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Crispy bottom, creamy top.

Indulge in decadence with every bite of these super thin double chocolate Harvest biscuits. These delicate sweet treats consist of a crisp, black cocoa chocolate biscuit bottom with a layer of rich vanilla chocolate cream slathered on top. These biscuits can also be frozen, so the top develops a more ice cream-like consistency. However you prefer to eat these, you are sure to love them. Pack contains 4 packets of 2 biscuits each.

ITEM ID: #12899


Biscuits remain a favourite sweet treat in Japan, and the Japanese system of manufacturing biscuits in convenient individual wrapping means that it is easy to pull out a packet and slip it into your bag for enjoying at some point during the day. Browse Japan Centre’s Biscuits section for a great selection of biscuits in all sorts of classic and not-so-classic flavours.

Item Detail


Per Biscuit (approx. 5.3g):
• Energy: 28.4kcal
• Protein: 0.3g
• Fat: 1.6g
• Carbohydrate: 3.2g
• Sodium: 11.8mg 
(As Salt: 0.03g)