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Toyo Rice Kinmemai Rice, 2 Kg

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White rice with all the nutrients.

Enjoy the fluffy goodness of white rice with all the nutrients often lost during the milling process with Toyo Rice's Kinmemai rice. This rice goes through a two-step process where its rice bran layer is carefully polished and removed, leaving the aleurone layer, a layer that is rich in umami. The rice is then processed again to further remove any remaining rice bran to reveal the kinme or "golden rice germ" which contain essential nutrients that contain high amounts of fibre, vitamins and minerals. As well as being perfect for making sushi, this rice can also be served alongside other homecooked Japanese meals.

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As the interest in Japanese cuisine has grown worldwide, so too has the demand for Japanese, or Japonica, rices. These rices are small to medium in grain size and become particularly sticky when cooked, making them ideal for eating out of side bowls with chopsticks, or for pressing into moulded sushi and onigiri rice ball shapes. Take a look at Japan Centre's Rice section for a fantastic variety of Japonica rice, grown in Japan and around the world.

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