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  • 12800 nishitanido red bean kanten jelly cake

Best Before Date: 30-04-2018

Nishitanido Red Bean Kanten Jelly Cake, 280 g

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A taste of Kyoto to you.

Treat yourself to a traditional Kyoto-style dessert with this sweet red bean jelly cake. Yokan is a very traditional sweet/savoury Japanese dessert that has been around for hundreds of years. Light, rich and smooth, this particular yokan has a layer of kanten agar-agar jelly for a refreshing after taste. Enjoy it with green tea, or green tea/red bean flavoured ice cream for a fun twist.Cut into small squares and serve with a wooden toothpick. No preservatives and colouring.

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Yokan is one of the most well known traditional Japanese desserts to have survived to the present day. It is a cake with a jelly-like consistency (although yokan is slightly chewier and heavier), made from mashed sweet azuki red beans and kanten (a gelatin-like substance made from seaweed). Other flavours, such as chestnut, sweet potato, and matcha, are also often added to yokan. Take a look at Japan Centre’s great range of traditional desserts.

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