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  • 12792 choshiya uji matcha sweet red beans

Choshiya Uji Matcha Sweet Red Beans, 150 g

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A traditional dessert from the Japanese sweets specialist.

Indulge in traditional Japanese desserts with Choshiya's sweet red beans. Containing Uji Matcha green tea, these sweet red beans are easy to make and can be enjoyed all year round. Add mochi for a more enhanced dessert experience.

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Azuki could accurately be seen as the traditional Japanese sweet food. These small red beans are eaten with mochi rice cakes in a sweet hot soup during the winter, or made into a paste and used as a topping or filling in all sorts of traditional and modern sweets and desserts. Take a look at Japan Centre's Desserts section for a great range of azuki beans, pastes, and desserts.

Item Detail


Per Serving (150g):
• Energy: 226kcal
• Protein: 3.8g
• Fat: 0.4g
• Carbohydrate: 52.8g
• Sodium: 96mg