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  • 12716 heiwanomen soba samurai

Heiwanomen Samurai Soba, 270 g

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A noodle dish for the finest of warriors.

For simple yet delicious Japanese noodles, look no further than Heiwanomen's Samurai Soba. Made by combining wheat flour, buckwheat flour, and a little Ise-grown grated yam potato flour, these noodles are the perfect combination of fragrant, chewy, and slippery. Use to make any soba dish your heart desires, and discover the difference a top quality soba makes.

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Noodles are the second most commonly eaten starch in Japan (after rice) and their popularity continues to grow as time goes on. The three most common types of Japanese noodle are udon (thick, white, wheat-based noodles), ramen (yellow wheat noodles often also containing egg), and soba (noodles made partially or entirely from buckwheat), and there are a number of other varieties as well. For a fantastic range of dried, pre-cooked, and instant noodles in all shapes and sizes, take a look at Japan Centre's Noodles section.

How To Use

• Noodles take approximately 4 minutes to cook.
• For hot dishes, drain the noodles once they reach the desired softness and add immediately to the pre-warmed soup.
• For cold dishes, drain the noodles once they reach their desired softness, then run through cold water. Let air dry, then serve with cold tsuyu soup base and garnishes on the side.

Item Detail


Per 100g:
• Energy: 348kcal
• Protein: 14.9g
• Fat: 2.7g
• Carbohydrate: 66.0g
• Sodium: 1.1g (As Salt: 2.6g)